5,000 Uniquely generated, hand drawn & assembled Coq's unleashing to the chad chain Q1 2024. This AVAX signature collection celebrates the union of cryptocurrency, gaming, NFT's and the power of a great meme all in one ridiculous Coq. So make sure to hodl on to your Coq folks, these BBC's have pumpamentals®, fundamentals and even some potential #AVAX historicamentals?

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signature series collection

Boq Boq Coq's vision

The NFT collection representing the soul of the chain it was born on, #AVAX.

With the continuous development of crypto and gaming, the inevitability of these two market giants merging has now become clear. This collection honours that fact and incorporates aspects from both markets, while giving the nod to the chad chains first meme coin Coq Inu.

The collection features homages to commonly used terms in gaming and crypto, pays respect to some of the hottest games currently under development on #AVAX and expands upon the Coq Inu universe as a whole.

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A list of all possible backgrounds each Coq could have and their respective rarity.

  1. Unique skins in various rarities including the elite golden coq's, famous coq color themes from movies and TV shows, and some of the rarest most ridiculous traits left to be discovered.

  2. Unique backgrounds in various rarities including different environments the coq's find themselves, in their efforts to escape the coop. The farther away they are from the coop, the rarer the background.

  3. Unique Items in various rarities related to crypto, gaming, classic NFT sets and others to discover.

  4. Unique Meme's and famous quotes from both the crypto and gaming communities, forever inscribed on the chad of gaming blockchains #AVAX

  5. Featuring multi chain support with the integration of Layer Zero, BBC will be a multi-chain compatible ERC-721 collection. While designed and born on the chad chain, this collection will be cross chain compatible on both Avalanche and Ethereum ecosystems.

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Our coq's distribution and rarities

The Coq's shown below indicate the base rarity of the coq itself and not the items. Items have their own distribution and rarities separate from the bird. Some of the items are shown here but there are many other items to discover. The rarest of coq traits are not listed and must be discovered on your own.

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